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Drake Reportedly Made Baby Mama Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement

Derrick Hill

As the public awaits Drake to issue a statement either confirming or denying that he is the father of Sophie Brussaux's baby, Adonis, more and more is continuing to come to light about the situation. Unfortunately for Brussaux, she can't speak on any of it at this time.

In the latest news, details about who Brussaux was when the OVO rapper met her paint a picture of the French vixen as a woman who was known for frequenting industry events and dating celebs, primarily from the hip-hop world. Brussaux is now being linked to one of Beyonce's backup dancers as well as to A$AP Rocky. She is also known to have dated a few athletes, including James Harden and Iman Shumpert.

Shumpert's past with the former soft-porn star has since been confirmed, with wife Teyana Taylor coming out to acknowledge that she was aware of their fling and that it occurred before they met one another.

Coincidentally, Rocky came out of the woodwork via Twitter on Thursday night, May 31, to dismiss any speculation that implicates him as responsible for Pusha T finding out about Drake and Brussaux's situation.

Meanwhile, Brussaux remained hush albeit she was making a lot of noise about Drizzy being the daddy when she revealed her pregnancy last year. According to reports that are now surfacing, she and Drake had at some point gotten on the same page about her signing a non-disclosure agreement, which might explain why the buzz suddenly stopped up until it resumed again with the release of Pusha's "The Story of Adidon."


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