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McDonald's Manager Who Helped Catch Tampa Serial Killer to Get $110K Reward

Derrick Hill

Previously, a serial killer in Tampa was caught by police due to a tip from a McDonald’s manager. Now, it appears the manager will be receiving a $110,000 reward for her assistance leading to the arrest of the man.

The manager, Donalda Walker, will receive the reward via different organizations who gathered up money to offer in exchange for information leading to the arrest of the 24-year-old man who committed the murders. The suspect, Howell Donaldson was reportedly a former McDonald’s employee at the same location Walker ran. According to Walker, Donaldson came by the location to drop a bag off for the manager to hold, which contained the weapon used in the four murders. From there, Walker took the bag and gave it to police.

Since then, Walker issued a statement on her deed, saying “Looking back, I am grateful to know I was helpful in assisting law enforcement. I hope you can understand that out of respect for the continuing investigations as well as the victims and their families, I will not be answering questions. But please know I appreciate all the well wishes and the kind words of our community.”

According to reports, Donaldson was charged with four counts of first-degree murder.


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